Protect Clean Water from Environmental Rollbacks

Following the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s sweeping announcement that it will suspend enforcement of environmental protection laws due to the current COVID-19 crisis, polluters in California are urging Governor Newsom to follow the federal government’s lead and rollback or stop adoption of clean water protections. These bad actors are pressuring Newsom and executive agencies to delay and/or weaken new and existing regulations by citing the virus' effects on the agricultural and petroleum industries. We are asking the Blue Business Council to tell Governor Newsom that clean water rollbacks during the COVID-19 crisis are unnecessary and could further harm the economy.

If you would like to sign on, please fill-out this quick google form.

Blue Businesses Rally to Support Communities

As individuals, communities, and businesses face unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, some Blue Business Council members are rallying to support their customers and neighbors most affected by the crisis. Humboldt Distillery, for example, has begun producing hand sanitizer for local businesses and nonprofits who are still operating and interacting with the public.

We’d love to hear about any changed business practices you’ve implemented to support your community during this crisis! Tag us on social media @ca_waterkeepers or send us a note at so that we can share your great work. We’re all in this together.

Support California’s Resistance to Offshore Drilling

Coastal drilling won’t reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels or solve our shared global climate change crisis. Instead, it threatens our $40 billion coastal economy today and for future generations.

Join the Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast